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What are Tearribles?

Tearribles are the first line of innovative dog toys that cater to dogs' prey instincts. They are interactive toys that your dog can "tear apart", and you can put right back together in seconds.

Why Tearribles?

The problem dog owners face is that an average plush toy usually meets its demise within minutes (or hours at best) of getting into the paws of their eager, happy dog. This creates two problems:

1. At an average price of £5-£15 per toy, this play style ends up costing an average dog parent hundreds of dollars in dog toys every year.

2. Dogs end up chewing mauled remains of plush toys from boredom which poses a risk of intestinal obstruction, or don’t end up playing enough because their toys are thrown away after one play.

What happens next is one of the main reasons shelters are filled with dogs.

Have you ever wondered how some dogs are perfectly happy, calm, and well behaved, while others destroy couches, develop obsessive behaviors, and become unmanageable? The reason is very simple: They are bored and frustrated. Providing your dog with opportunities to do what they enjoy is as important to their health and wellbeing as providing them with proper food and healthcare.

Depriving your dog of play time results in the same exact outcome as in humans- they become bored, unhappy, anxious, disruptive, and destructive.

This is where Tearribles come into play.

The unique pocket design of Tearribles allows your dog to experience the satisfaction of “killing” their prey without actually destroying the toy. Aside from allowing them to exercise their natural instincts, playing with Tearribles has many benefits: it helps build their confidence, improve their wellbeing, and provides you and your dog with a fun way to build and strengthen your bond.

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